Where Does Marijuana Grow Naturally In the Wild?

If you love foraging for indigenous flowers or herbs, you may also be interested in knowing where marijuana grows in the wild. Most experts believe that marijuana originates from South-Central Asia, and that cannabis spread to other corners of the world through human intervention. With time, strains that took origin from different regions adapted changes to grow in different climatic areas.

To date, there are numerous cannabis strains growing wild across almost every climate. However, it is necessary to note that marijuana is a sun-loving plant, and each of its varieties has a different preference regarding altitude, latitude, and humidity levels. Cannabis strains that grown naturally in the wild are known as landrace strains.

Below are different climatic regions in which cannabis thrives in the wild.

Tropical Regions

The humidity, heat and regularity of rainfall in tropical climate zones (that include savannas and rainforests) are ideal conditions for many marijuana types to grow in the wild. Mild winters and intense sunlight give strains like Malawi (Malawi landrace) and Lamb’s Bread (Jamaica landrace) perfect conditions for a long growing season.

Temperate Regions

Also known as subtropical, mesothermal, marine climates or middle latitude, temperate regions are where you will get cannabis strains that require more moderate weather to blossom in the wild. Strains such as Swazi Gold (Swaziland landrace) and Lebanese Red (Lebanon Landrace) do well in moderate regions that have a moderately warm Mediterranean climate.

Dry Regions

Steppes and deserts of dry climate regions have led to the rise of hardy cannabis strains such as Sinai (Egypt Landrace) and Afghani (Afghanistan Landrace) that bloom in arid, and often windy conditions. Cannabis strains growing in wild dry regions should also contend with excess temperature changes from night to day.

Continental Regions

Cold dry winters and hot, wet summers are common in continental regions. Continental regions are further defined by the fact that huge water bodies like oceans and seas do not moderate the temperature as is the case with other environments. Marijuana strains are fond of growing wild in these areas. For example, Swiss Sativa (Switzerland Landrace) and Nepalese (Nepalese Landrace) have adapted and can tolerate the varying conditions in continental regions throughout the year.

What Is Cannabis Ruderalis?

This is a type of wild weed that is mostly found in Europe. It is neither classified as sativa or indica cannabis. It has low amounts of THC and moderate amounts of CBD. Because of this, it is hardly used for recreational purpose because it does not cause the typical marijuana high.

Mongolian and Russian folk have used cannabis ruderalis for many years as treatment for depression.

Hunting for Wild Weed

As any grower knows, especially those that grow feral weed outdoors, autumn months are the best to hunt for weed. During this period, cannabis reaches maturity; the buds are biggest and most potent. This is a crucial consideration since wild cannabis is already lesser potent than weed grown under optimal conditions.

If you are concerned about wildlife getting to weed before you, late summer months may also bring along a crop of wild weed ready for cultivation.

For precise locations where you can find feral weed, there is a range of options. High Nepal mountainous regions around the Himalayas and areas of Jamaica and Mexico are known for feral weed. Areas in Africa and Asia are also known for feral wild weed, more so in the hot and humid areas.

In the U.S., the Midwest is commonly known for having lush areas with ditch weed. Best places to look into are Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

The Law and Wild Weed

Is there anything wrong with enjoying some lush wild ganja in places where weed is criminalized? Well, that depends on how well you can argue your case.

For starters, wild weed grows in mostly inaccessible places, so the chance of getting caught having some wild puffs is usually minimal. Secondly, should you get caught, you may be charged for being in possession of the ganja or for being “under the influence” of weed. You may have to serve some time or pay a fine for this, depending on your jurisdiction. But you cannot be fined with growing the wild weed, even if the wild weed was found on your farm.

It is reported that some ganja lovers in Nepal have often gotten away with claiming that the weed on their farms is wild, even when this is not the case. We however do not advise you to try this out as it may land you in jail should you get caught.

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