The N.C. Strawberry Project is a partnership of N.C. State University at the N.C. Research Campus (including the Plants for Human Health Institute and N.C. MarketReady) and Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte. This project received support from the Golden LEAF Foundation.

Breeding A Better Strawberry

The N.C. Strawberry Project is a dynamic, first-of-its-kind partnership between N.C. State University at the N.C. Research Campus and Johnson & Wales University. The project represents an innovative direction in plant breeding, not only for North Carolina but nationwide. While agricultural and culinary representatives, specifically chefs, have teamed up in the past in North Carolina and other states, the partnerships have primarily centered on agritourism. This project will use valuable sensory analysis input from JWU students (the chefs-of-tomorrow), faculty chefs and other culinary professionals to glean information that the N.C. State strawberry breeding program will use to breed a better N.C. strawberry.


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