Secrets Of Passing DOT Drug Test

A DOT (direct observation test) is a drug test where you are required to submit a sample of your urine under supervision from a tester. There are a few reasons why a DOT drug test is administered, and one of them is if you tamper with your urine at the collection location.

Other reasons include your urine sample being outside the acceptable temperature, change in its odor, characteristic and color, and lastly, the tester discovers you have come with items in your pockets that can contaminate or dilute your urine sample.

How A DOT (Direct Observation Test) Drug Test Is Is Performed?

Before the test begins, you will be assigned an observer that is of the same gender as you. After that, if the person collecting is not your observer, your collector will ask the observer to check you for any prosthetic or anything you might have on your to cheat.

You will be told to lift your skirt, shirt, dress or blouse above your waist and as for underpants and lower clothing, you will be told to lower them mid-thigh. When that check is done, and you have nothing on you, you’ll be asked to urinate in a container under supervision.

If you refuse to follow the procedure and instructions mentioned above from your observer, it is an automatic fail. If you are found with any device on you to cheat, the collector will terminate the drug test and record the reasons why.

How To Pass A DOT Drug Test Using a Whizzinator

A Whizzinator is a fake penis that has a pouch you can use to put fake urine in it to pass your drug test. Using it is very easy, and all you have to do is wrap around your waist once you have filled it up with a fake urine sample and squeeze when asked to urinate.

This product is not just for men; there are Whizzinators for women too on the internet. Many websites sell them it is all about having the money to buy them as they are not exactly cheap.

A Whizzinator can help you pass a DOT drug test since the observer will not see you put in on unless you put it on in front of them. That would be shooting yourself in the foot, however, you see need to be careful and not bring attention to it. Below are ways to use this product to pass a DOT drug test

  1. Using someone else’s urine with the Whizzinator – You will need a friend who does not take any drugs or is drug-free to give you their urine. Once they have done so, put their urine in the Whizzinator and submit it as yours when asked. To not raise any suspicion, act natural and your observer will not know you are wearing Whizzinator. The major downside to using this method is it can easily be spotted as fake if the observer is paying extra attention to detail. Another downside is you are not around your friend all the time meaning there’s a chance they could get in contact with drugs, give you their urine for use and you wouldn’t even know unless you have a testing kit.
  2. Using synthetic urine with the Whizzinator – Similar to the method above, the only difference is instead of using urine from a friend; you buy your urine sample from the internet. You warm up the urine the day of your test and put it in your Whizzinator. Problem with this a trained observer will know you are using a Whizzinator and if the lab decides they want to test your sample thoroughly, they will discover it is synthetic urine.
  3. Diluting urine – This is where you add water to your urine to dilute it. The good thing is you can do this in advance at home by diluting your urine with water and putting it in the Whizzinator. The downside to this is if you forget to do it at home using your water, using the water at the labs or collection center can be risky because they add dye to it to catch people trying to cheat.



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