How To Pass Drug Test In 2 Weeks

Passing a drug test in just two weeks is not an impossible task if you are following experts guidelines.

Unfortunately, there are tons of myths and fake detox products swarming over the internet leading you to the path of failure in your drug test.

But, no worries, every problem has a solution, after going through this blog, you’ll be well aware of various DO’s & Don’ts, natural methods and the fastest ways of passing any of your drug tests surely.

According to research in 2014 it was found that marijuana is the most illicit drug popular among adults and its consumption is increasing every year across the globe.

These restricted drugs are easily available due to some leniency in the execution of laws. In addition to this, there are several insurance companies in which passing the marijuana or other drug test are obligatory for further processing.

Moreover, if you consider Employers, especially in the UK, and the USA they are very strict to drug tests.

Therefore, if you are intended to work in these countries, be prepared to clear drug test.

Well, there are several ways through which you can easily pass this test naturally and without any harm to yourself.

Detox Kits

The best way to pass a drug test legaly is to use detox kits. Here are the best kits available on the market

Fast Marijuana Detox Kit


  • The best same day solution.
  • Starts working in just 1.5 hours
  • Effective up to 5 hours
Premium 7 day detox kit

  • Permanent detox
  • Time to work: 7 days
  • For those who have enough time, and want to detox from marijuana and other toxins, this kit will cleanse you in 7 days.

Pay Attention to Do’s and Don’ts of Drug Testing


  • Stop believing every journal, article, or blog claiming their methods works over the internet. They all are storytellers, they spread myth nothing else.
  • Believing false home remedy promises of clearing THC from your system using vinegar, ginger root, cranberry juice, goldenseal, and niacin.
  • If you are a heavy drug user, stop home drug testing remedies now, they are actually not going to work for you in the next 24 hours.


  • Be proactive and start your drug test preparation in advance. If you have 2 weeks, it’s better to use a quality detox product to kick-start your drugs cleanse.
  • Refrain yourself from smoking until the day of your drug test.
  • Any drug test, whether it’s a urine, saliva, blood, and hair follicle test, give all possible efforts to abstain yourself from drugs during your detox session.
  • Take lessons from your test failures, try to quit having any sort of drug. This will develop your inner strength to take controlled actions further.
  • Trace your body functioning, and jot down results, how many days it actually takes to cleaning marijuana effect from your body.


  1. A person with a great metabolism and healthy body take at least 4 weeks in detoxing naturally.
  2. Whereas, a light user of drug or a person with the skinny body can clean THC within 2 weeks if follow proper schedules.
  3. Or a person over 200 lbs will be required up to 12 weeks or longer in advanced cases to clean THC from your body if he really wants to pass a drug test.

Natural ways of passing a Drug Test

The only Natural way to detoxify your body from THC is proper diet, exercise, no more junk food, increase leafy greens, increased water intake and stay focused to an herbal detox program.

Move on to weight loss program as quickly as possible, and try to get abstain from smoking marijuana, this is the best possible way to start detox your body naturally. To get complete freedom from THC, follow these 5 steps and you’ll notice yourself how your body is getting detoxing naturally:-

Increase Your Water Intake

Usually, people do not drink a required quantity of water in a day. 75% of our body is made up of water content, insufficiency of water do not flush THC, or any other drug completely out of body system. Therefore, increase your water intake, it will keep your body hydrated and ensures your urinary system functioning attuned.

Do Exercise for at least 2 hours daily

Studies explain our fat cells stores marijuana in our body. The more you smoke marijuana, more it will be combined with fat cells, which is ultimately going to shorten the amount of detox time in your body.

Plan your routine workout session with cardio and strength training, so that your fat cells meld down toxins through sweating that result in boosting your metabolism rate. Moreover, try to take a sauna for a few minutes after your workout session and take a shower later, it will bring out a maximum level of toxins from your body.

Eat leafy green vegetables

Include green leafy vegetables and salads like broccoli, cucumber, etc. into your diet. Only they are your best friend during the drug detox period. These veggies contain desirable vitamins and minerals that aid your body to cleanse THC or marijuana contents from your system rapidly.

Don’t forget to Include Lemonade in your diet plan

Lemon juice or Lemonades are enriched with high vitamin C, and the electrolytes available in lemons develop your immunity system. Your body becomes proactive and fights against all yucky stuff stored in the system.

Try the Change Diet

Say no to junk food and put a big cross on red meat like beef and pork. Red meat is highly enriched with protein, sodium, and fat that ultimately caused water retention in your body which slowdowns your metabolism rate.

Instead of this, include fiber foods to your diet. You can include whole wheat bread, peanut butter, yogurt, and beans. This will allow your body to detox easily and moves your efforts close to passing a drug test.

Once you have crossed 10 days following these steps, now move on to next step, purchase a drug test kit. And test yourself, take urine tests, if you find it positive, then follow these steps to dilute urine.

  1. Calculate your lean body mass from your kit.
  2. Drink 1.5 L electrolyte solution over 3 hours.
  3. Collect your urine sample in a cup, and measure THC metabolite levels.
  4. Measure urine creatinine with the test strips.


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