How to Grow Marijuana in the Aero Garden

Most indoor gardeners can testify to the fact that AeroGardens are ideal for bringing up the marijuana plant from the seed level to harvest. There are definitely some notable drawbacks, but there is very little doubt that marijuana growing in AeroGardens is one of the easiest ways of producing hydroponic weed.

This article will highlight some limitations you need to consider before embarking on an Aero Garden and also detail the best approaches to grow cannabis using an Aero Garden.

What Is An AeroGarden?

AeroGardens are small hydroponic systems that allow gardeners to grow herbs indoors in a simulated garden. The AeroGarden resembles a mini-oven with a hood. It puts together all the essentials that are needed to facilitate a successful grow. This include: light, pH, temperature, nutrients, water and oxygen. It comes with a pump that allows you to control the settings of all these elements. Because of the size, it allows you to grow one to two plants at a time.

Challenges You are Likely to Encounter When Cultivating Marijuana in an Aero Garden

  • The grow lights that come in a standard AeroGarden might not be powerful enough to yield a good amount of marijuana
  • The maximum grow height limitation – some light hoods extend 24 inches on some models, and even lesser on others. This will limit how tall your plants grow in an AeroGarden. To overcome this, consider going for sativa strains that do not grow tall.
  • The small AeroGarden reservoir is likely to be overgrown with root mass over time. You can space out your plants so that the roots can have enough room to breathe.

Even with the above drawbacks, you still can have successful marijuana growing in a standard aero garden setup. This is especially if you are targeting a small harvest with utmost convenience.

What You Will Need

  1. Cannabis seeds
  2. Your AeroGarden
  3. Water
  4. pH kit
  5. Thermometer
  6. Vent fan
  7. Nutrients
  8. Pump
  9. Air-stone

Setting Up Ideal Conditions for Aero Garden Marijuana Growing

pH Control

The desired pH level in an aero garden is 5.5 to 6.5 at the vegetation state. At flowering, the level tends to go lower. Since marijuana plants may be unable to absorb nutrients past the vegetative and flowering stages, it is recommended that you maintain the right pH in these early stages.

Air Circulation

Ensure that there is sufficient fresh air moving through the grow room. This will keep the plants healthy and maintain a stable humidity and temperature level.

Fans will help move air around the plants. A good vent fan will control humidity and temperature, and distribute CO2 to the plants from incoming new air.

Light Control

If you have auto-flowering seeds, then you can use a 20/4 light cycle. Here, the light is on for 20 hours straight. If your seeds are feminized, an 18/6 during vegetation and 12/2 during flowering should work well.

Pump Settings

Your AeroGarden should come with instructions on how to set up the pump to run the water. Ideally, you can do a 1 hour on and 30 minutes off in a cycle, depending on whether you have an external pump or not. Remember to add oxygen to the water during the flowering stage.

Nutrients should also be replenished on a weekly basis; you can set up an alarm to alert you of when you need to do this.

Germinating seeds in the AeroGarden

The cannabis seeds are placed in the grow sponges and placed in the AeroGarden and covered with a transparent dome. Make sure that the seeds do not fall too deep. Expect to see some germinating seeds in about a week.

Most cannabis producers use AeroGardens for germinating seeds. AeroGardens limit the height the heights to which the plants can grow. If you are using strains that grow tall, you can choose to use the AeroGarden to germinate your seeds (0-2 weeks) and later transfer them to larger hydroponic systems. This will allow the plants to grow to their maximum heights and the harvest may even be bigger because the roots can spread out in the larger reservoirs.

Nonetheless, sativa strains which do not grow tall can mature in AeroGardens pretty well. Just make sure that the plants are not squeezed so that the roots can have enough space to breathe.

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