How Long Does it Take for Marijuana to Grow

Many factors will dictate when you will have your bud ready. These include your type of strain, your growing setup, and how big you are looking to grow your plants – bigger plants take more time.

From the first day of your weed plant’s life to the day of smoking your harvest, it can take approximately 8 weeks to 7 or more months. That’s a big range, right? This gives us a reason to narrow down to different kinds of strains.

A few factors determine how fast your weed will grow. This include: the cannabis strain, the amount of harvest you want and the growing conditions of the weed.

This article has a breakdown of the different factors mentioned above.

Let us first take a look at the different cannabis strains.


There are basically two categories of weed; sativa and indica species. Sativa strains are known for their heady effects while indicas are known for their potent body hit.

Cannabis sativa plants are known for growing lanky and tall. When grown outdoors, their heights can get to as high as 20 feet. This is because they grow in native regions that are close to the equator. In such regions, day lengths change frequently regardless of the time of the year. Equal daytime and nighttime amounts have contributed to short Sativa strains, but consistent photoperiods.

Sativa strains have shorter vegetative cycles when compared to other strains. They take 10 to 12 weeks to completely flower. Pure Sativa has an average growth period of about 6 months.


Cannabis Indica strains are the opposite of Sativa in regards to appearance as they grow shorter and wider. However, Indica strains yield more than sativa. Indica has short flowering stages, and are thus preferred by many cannabis breeders. Indoor Indica growers enjoy growing the strain due to shorter flowering periods that translates to more annual cycles. Outdoor growers can cultivate Indica without worries even in regions where winter comes early.

Averagely, the flowering state of Indica strains lasts 8-12 weeks.


Hybrids are a crossbreed of sativa and indica. Although there are people who prefer cultivating pure sativa or pure indica strains, most growers prefer cultivating hybrid strains. While hybrids are a mix of sativa and indica, they normally take on the characteristics/ traits of one of the two or both strains when they grow. Hybrids grow fast just like sativa strains, but take after indica’s short flowering periods.

On average, hybrids take 6 to 10 weeks to flower until they are ready to be harvested.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cannabis Growing – Which is the Best?

To successfully grow weed, you need to pick the right growing space. On this, there are two options, each with their pros and cons: indoors or outdoors

Outdoor growing is good if you are looking to save on expenses. You will have all the space required and you can rely on natural sunlight to nourish your plants. However, you will lack control over light exposure and temperature control. Outdoor growing might also welcome unwanted attention.

If you intend to keep your activities out of sight, you then should consider indoor cannabis growing. You’ll also have total control over light and climate in your space, hence making adjustments when necessary. Drawbacks to indoor cannabis growing include space limitations, the extra cost for buying equipment, and added energy bills.

How To Grow Your Weed Faster

Can you really make your weed grow faster? Well, apart from picking the right strain, you could also optimize the growing conditions so that your plants have all that they require to move through the growing stages. To achieve this, you need to begin with an indoor grow because this will allow you to control the environment. You can use ideal hydroponics as well as bubbleponics to shorten the flowering time. Remember, the more light the higher the yield!

Ultimately, picking the right strain and the right grow environment will determine how fast your weed will grow. You may spend a little more for a controlled indoor grow, but remember that the harvest will be bountiful and you will be harvesting more times in a year. In the long run, this is a win-win.

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