The Produce Lady Launches E-newsletter

The Produce Lady, a program of N.C. MarketReady, continues its educational outreach to North Carolina fresh produce growers and consumers with the launch of an e-newsletter. The monthly newsletter encourages N.C. families to eat healthy fruits and vegetables purchased at local farmers markets. It includes selection tips, health benefits and recipes.

Each issue will focus on a seasonal crop – apples in September, for example – and will assist consumers with selection and preparation tips for the fruit or vegetable. Each issue also will feature a “what’s in season” list that highlights other available produce items. The Produce Lady is Brenda Sutton, director of N.C. Cooperative Extension in Rockingham County.

“Our research shows that consumers want more information on how to prepare fruits and vegetables,” says Leah Chester-Davis, coordinator for The Produce Lady program. “The Produce Lady newsletter is an important educational tool that farmers can share with customers at the market.”

The Produce Lady newsletter further expands the program’s educational outreach efforts, which also include the Web site, a video series, healthy recipes and The Produce Lady blog.

The addition of The Produce Lady newsletter is part of a project funded by a grant of nearly $100,000 from the N.C. Tobacco Trust Fund Commission. The grant, focused on strengthening markets for farmers and educating consumers, provides funding through 2012.

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